‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’ An enchanting journey following seven clans of Gelfling

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I'd never seen the dark crystal <hes> because i mean i i like the the muppets right and i like sesame street but this is only very tangentially related to that in the dark crystal and yeah so it's a jim henson in produced feature film from nineteen eighty two. It's my friend was describing it as like jim henson trying to do a weird puppet version of star wars and the lord of the rings. I guess yeah i feel it yeah. It's like a dark christo was. It's like a dark ethic. Fantasies end to see sort of where you know. Everything is puppets and it's about this world called throb that has been subsumed by darkness because they're crystal. Which is there sort of animating life. Force has been tainted by evil specifically sc cs. Who are these really cool like grossberg bird things who are basically taking the essence out of the other dominant race in the world which is the gulf ling and they at this point can have pretty much killed all the gambling. There's only we think one gulflink left <hes> like the dirtiest thing that you've ever cuss soon. Okay so that's the thing right so i you hate fantasy. I hate fantasy so i've been trying to reconcile why i liked. I liked the the movie okay but i love the show which works as a prequel to the movie where there are lots of guelph ling and the sexiest aren't while they're evil but like the gulling don't know it yet it because they haven't killed all of them yet <hes> but yeah i was like why do i like the so much there's creatures this lore. There's weird made up language. I hate eight lord of the rings type stuff. I don't. I hate game of thrones type stuff but i think it's super. I really like it in that. It's this this very simple and kind of easy to understand setup. Honestly it's like there's one good guy race and one bag. I race and then like okay. I get it like it's not like. There's like oh and then also the still rocky language and the blah blah's and the white walkers and the shit and i'm like yeah. I don't understand this is crap but in this it's just like there's these guys who look kind of cute they have like cute elf ears and they don't look like gross ugly humans like their kilo puppets and then there's is these guys were ugly the funny looking and they're all animal. How do you feel about star wars all the things. I love star wars but that's jess space. That's the other thing. I love space operas but i do not like <hes>. This is so fancy so anything that's like high hi l. the thing i think i was watching what i was saying my friend while we were watching the movie and the show especially the show was this is like a p._g. Would wanna play because i love j. R._p._g.'s to ray so fan which are also fantasy like i love j. R._p._g.'s and honestly i think it comes down to like aesthetic for me like i liked the dark crystal aesthetic just like i like jay r._p._g. Aesthetic because it's like more cartoony it's not like super her <hes> realistic and you're trying to get me to buy that there. Are these like humans with british accents in year eight hundred we should get you to watch the lord of the rings animated made movie from god that he didn't know way. I liked the hobbit one. I watched that in third grade. It was great.

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