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SoulCycle, Equinox face boycott calls over investor's Trump fundraiser


Equal knocks and SoulCycle trying to back pedal tonight on their billionaire owner support of president trump Stephen Ross the chair the company that owns the brands that also include pure yoga and billing fitness is hosting a big ticket fundraiser for Mr trump many customers including some celebrities say they're canceling their membership and they're calling for a boycott Billy Eichner tweeted Hey equal knocks what your policy for canceling memberships once a member finds out your owner is enabling racism and mass murder in a statement today Ross said he was an outspoken champion of racial equality inclusion and diversity he is hosting a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar a plate fund raiser for Mr trump this Friday equal knocks and SoulCycle tried to distance themselves from Ross issuing a joint statement late today saying they don't support the full razor and that Ross is a passive

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SoulCycle, Equinox face boycott calls over investor's Trump fundraiser

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