LSU Tigers: Top 5 team in the US?


Want to ask you about a couple of schools that are ranked high and I know you've been to What's your what's your gauge which level of <hes> of expectation for L._S._U.? I think they should be one of the five best teams in the country. If you look at now that they don't have a perfect you know depth chart right now. They are big question marks on the offensive line at least at right tackle but I think the way Joe Borough finished I I think the arrival of Joe Brady from the saints as a passing and coordinator and the adjustments they've made their I think that fits everything well they should be you know really good even though they lose devon white who was a great player in the middle of the defense <hes> they're really talented in the secondary and I think they're pretty deep upfront upfront. <hes> they get caleb on chase on back. He was a player that the guys inside that program raved about until he got hurt last year. I think this is a a team that you know when I look at it. I think there's there's two games that I think will be real struggles for them. They have a game early on at Texas. Which is which is on the road and Tom? Herman has played exceedingly well. He's got his way exceeding well in that kind of environment where it's a heavyweight opponent and everything's right that seems like they are able to to rise up and play while the other one certainly is Alabama for a variety of reasons. They do not match up well I. I think I think quite honestly that L._S._U.. Team has been in its own head. <hes> you know how they can blow a good talented Georgia team completely louis out of the building the way they did beat them by twenty points and dominate them and then just look completely flat <hes> against Alabama they have gotta find a way to to kind of rally the way they do against a lot of other you know big opponents find a way to just really play a lot more free and and like like they do against other people against Alabama because unless they do that I think they may be a top five team but they're not going to be able to get to where they need to go and that's the play offs just because because <hes> you know because it just seems like that is something that they cannot mentally Concha talking to Bruce Feldman great to have him

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