Farmers' loyalty to Trump tested amid corn-ethanol rules


Loyalty to trump tested over new corn ethanol rules president trump well let me tell us and China that I told you about we're past that we're not really past that now but piled on to that the patience of a farmers is really being tested there's a farmer named Miller they will talk a little bit about and he's one of the people raise corn for ethanol but president trump is chosen the oil companies over the farmer now because he's given waivers to thirty one refineries so that they do not have to blend ethanol into the gasoline and that's probably that's that's catastrophic for them it was a China terrace this time we're not the China terraces time waivers the administration granted this month thirty one refineries said they don't have to blend ethanol into the gasoline since roughly forty percent of the US corn crop stern to ethanol that's huge a huge blow to them I I don't know who are we gonna have to bail them out some more it's a clear and this farmer Miller she sees it as many do as the president using baby oil over the farmer well I will farmer Miller said trump's brinkmanship with China as a necessary gamble the ethanol waivers smacked into smack to him of favoritism very wealthy and powerful industry big oil and this is what this guy named Miller said he's a farmer that's our own country stabbing us in the back that's the president going the oil companies need to make more than the American farmer that was just quote I like the oil company better or I'm friends with the oil company more than I am with friends with the farmer that's clear cut either or thank we'll see how it all plays out the farmers are a feeling betrayed them beat why because they have been betrayed

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