Wall St. opens higher on trade optimism


This is something California is only twenty four hour local news and traffic station K. and extend seventy newsradio and US six forty the morning of the cult and I Vicki more coming up production will former Republican congressman prepping for a possible election challenge to a setting Republicans in the Congress this point most consumers in a spending mood stocks and for third straight day of gains your money it's six one eight I'm ready to do it a Dodger pitcher gets clobbered in Arizona and tennis is cocoa Goff next gets the world number one sports in ten minutes and it's a getaway weekends for Labor Day will have a live report coming up from LA acts those stories are coming up in the next fifteen minutes the first is six fifteen and here's a traffic and weather together over ten models on the box here is definition all all those calls off the roadway on the eastbound side of a one on one with men to coldwater canyon that's where the three left lanes have been taken away here for over I project and that you are going to be still I'm still going to be pretty well jammed up there for just about van Nuys Boulevard over towards coldwater canyon river side more Parker okay if you're headed towards the studio city area anyway westbound flowing fine here as you head towards the west San Fernando Valley and more the value overhead everybody's favorite four or five it's got in the southern California Toyota dealers got three it is a pretty slow even a seven out of our right now but it could be worse it does look a little lighter than normal but look about victory of the south four five that's gonna be on the floor I basically have to hell toward Skirball center Dr five four two county with a jab yeah but five five southbound right for you got to the fifty five had a crash shot in the right lane everything so the right shoulder now which is good a little slow out of the crush down to that point and what's your past that you're okay again if you had a traveling south on the five maybe leading Orange County heads up for patches the fob on your way down to camp Pendleton they had reports of that a motorcyclist down northbound side of the four or five at century looks like it may be along the offramp right now I you should still be able to exit but to it is started jam up all of a sudden here it's like everyone will go up and hit the road the same time now from the of one oh five as to just about Manchester you know what we have something in lasers well north bound for five and Manchester hazard reported there and the century offramp off the four five zero towards Alex that's definitely starting to back up looks like maybe a little better to go in via the one oh five and century but remember to use the arrival of love you can't ongoing construction on the departure level is down to just one lane so it's going to take a long time for staff had through LAX right now any other issues out there always appreciate your calls on the can excel in metro traffic tip one three two three four six seven ten seventy next report six twenty

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