The Right, the Left, and the Ideological Bubbles


Right, now you're a progressive from Silicon Valley. And I've been up there. I've had dinner with Mark Zuckerberg at his house. I'm one of the token conserves that show up there and talk to people up there occasionally. And I think dignity in a digital age may be the best case for the progressive agenda that I've read. I'm not persuaded. But I'm curious if the, if you agree with me, I think that the overwhelming oppression of the left in Silicon Valley means conformity and thinking that it drives out center right points of view. Do you agree with me that the mind think up there is a deep blue bubble? Yeah, I believe in this country. We have a problem that we're all in our bubbles. And that we're unwilling in certain cases to subject our ideas to scrutiny. I think that's a problem. At times on the left, I think it's a problem also on the right. So, you know, I think this cancel culture and goes, in my view both ways. You know, there was my Alma mater. Yale law school, I was embarrassed that there were students yelling down the speaker because they had a conservative point of view. On the other hand, the idea that, you know, you don't read what they Toni Morrison's beloved, who was one of the great American writers, objectively taking from faulkner. I think that's also silly.

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