Who Is 'Putin's Playbook' Author Rebekah Koffler?


Let's talk to our very special America first, one on one guest in studio Rebecca coughler. Welcome back. Thank you very much. Such a pleasure to be here with you and your America first American patriots. Thank you kindly with so glad to have you here because you have a new book that you have written the forward to. It is, where's my main camera? It is zelensky, the first major profile of Ukraine's president Vladimir zelensky, the unlikely Ukrainian hero who defied Putin and united the world written by Andrew urban and Chris McLeod and with your forward before we jump into the book which full disclosure is from my publishers the great regret and I didn't even know about it, but I'm glad it has appeared today being launched today. For those who missed your prior appearances on the show, walk us through your credentials, your work with the CIA, the DIA, and your expertise on Russia. Just give us a summary of your bio Rebecca. Sure. I served as a cine intelligence officer for Russian doctrine and strategy in the defense intelligence agency, which is the military counterpart to CIA. We provide support to our war fighters. And consequently, also to our commander in chief, who is in charge of our armed forces, I also worked with the central intelligence agencies national contestant service on the Russian target. So anything from Putin, his mindset, his goals. The national clandestine service, that's the renaming of the DO, the director of operations. So these aren't just the analysts, these are the actual offices who are doing operations overseas. 100% true. And I was proud to serve with these episodes that the most dedicated the most fearless and they are the ones who don't politicize intelligence that just want to do the mission and protect American people from foreign threats.

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