Rudy Giuliani: Watch the Film 'Taxi Driver'


Because there you go. At the end at the end of my administration, I did a couple of retrospectives on the administration. So I would show the scenes and taxi driver of the assassin driving through Times Square. Those were real scenes shut in like 1970, whenever it was 76, 77, 78. This is Scorsese. Brilliant, I'm sorry. Scorsese film, obviously. But De Niro playing that's before we knew De Niro actually was crazy. If you did a good job of acting crazy well, you're looking at me, you're looking at me. So you look at those scenes, there are about four or 5 of them in which you get a big panorama of Times Square. And then you just put it against current ones. That would have been 98, 99, 2000. And one, you see drug dealers prostitutes horrible looking people frightening as hell, drug dens, houses of prostitution, the legitimate, if you call them legitimate pornographic movie theaters where you would pay just go in and watch a movie, had all disappeared. It was too dangerous for them. The movie theaters had turned into actual brothels. So even the porn industry didn't feel it was worth investing in the pornography had moved to other parts of the city because it was too dangerous to have it in Times Square. It had crime rates that were almost impossible to keep up because they would take bodies and hide them. And literally, literally, on one day during the middle of my campaign, we were driving somewhere. I told them to stop the car, I got out in the middle of the street and my campaign manager Peter powers thought I was nuts to traffic was going back to back and forth. And I said a little prayer, and I said, if I do one thing is mayor, I'm going to change this

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