The 25th Amendment Exists to Use on Joe Biden


Joe Biden is not capable of being a president The media know it and yet they pushed him because they hated Trump His wife knows it yet she pushed it because she wanted to be in The White House The Democrats know it but power at all costs they don't care And this is the truth With a man in the Oval Office who is unfit Now you might say well that leaves Kamala Harris It does what it does ladies and general will deal with that next but this is why the Twenty-fifth Amendment exists Not to use it against Trump but to use it against somebody like Biden It's not going to happen however The vice president and the cabinet are not going to turn on Trump Excuse me on Biden And it takes both houses to vote It's not going to happen It's not going to happen It should happen but it's not going to have because the Democrat party doesn't care If Joe Biden is an orange juice camp they don't care if he's in a vegetative state They don't care That's why

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