Hakeem Jeffries Is Looking for 'Decency' From Republicans After Buffalo Shooting


This is a fact it is a left wing theory and political tactic They've discussed they've written books about this It is their thing Here's hakim Jeffries Because this murderer who nobody knows when his political ideology is they know he was sick and was a bigot And a racist that we know but you read the manifesto which the media doesn't actually read they don't some of them don't even know how It's kind of hard to discern what the political ideology is He goes in one sentence from attacking Fox News to another talking about the leftist racist conspiracy theory replacement theory Kind of hard to discern but here's Hakeem Jeffries again Funerals haven't even happened yet But this is what happens when you're a man of zero character Zero dignity Zero ethics and zero principles Using this opportunity not attack the killer and talk about what motivated him and the manifesto no to attack Republicans That's how sick these people are Listen to this House Democrats are continuing to work to make life better for everyday Americans House Republicans are fanning the flames of hatred and embracing a racist conspiracy theory put forth by white supremacists on so called replacement And we're still waiting for a single House Republican leader to denounce replacement theory The theory that led to the massacre in Buffalo New York And hopefully we'll see some decency from them today and throughout the week Some decency from them why What do you mean decency from them It's not our thing It's your thing

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