Josh Mandel: Ready to Reinforce Constitutional Conservatism


What is it that you want to including ohioans about why they should support you if they haven't voted yet why they should vote for you If you'd like a reinforcement for Ted Cruz constitutional conservative reinforcement for Mike Lee constitutional conservative reinforcement for Jim Jordan constant constitutional conservative then I'm your guy As Mark said we need fighters in the U.S. Senate not down for Republican leadership Definitely not folks who are going to take near laid down for the radical left Schumer Pelosi Biden And also folks who don't want to be liked by the media then you should elect me Josh mandel to the U.S. Senate I'm not going to Washington to make friends I'm not going to Washington to get invited to the cocktail parties I'm not going to Washington by leaders or the Democrats I'm going there to stand up for the constitution I'm going there to stand up for our liberty for our freedoms given from God and if you like all of that and you believe in constitutional conservatism and you want fighters there with backbone and steel spine your guy and listen even if you don't live in Ohio wherever you're listening I'm sure you might have family or friends here in the Buckeye state Shoot them a text shoot them an email give them a call tonight Tell them you heard me on the great one on the Mark Levin show and ask them to vote for me tomorrow Josh

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