Dave Rubin: Red States Show a Willingness to Compromise


Don't even want to get into it. The disagreements of like, what is a conservator or not? What really matters though is like we believe in consent of the governed separation of powers, the constitution, freedom of speech, we believe there's something worth conserving and protecting, and then let's go defeat these degenerate woke people. Yes, like that's the mission statement. Yes, we can set aside whatever the differences are. So Newton is so irrelevant. Charlie, some people on the more libertarian side are going to want no taxes. Some conservatives want a little bit of taxes, but they don't want a lot of federal taxes. We could put all of that aside to save the country. To save the republic. Let's just save the republic. And then we can hash out our differences after. Right? We can. And by the way, you know, I mentioned this on the show last night at the live event that, you know, when it comes to this roe V wade thing, look, the pro life thing to conservatives, this is like the top of the thing. It's about life, conserving life. So this is the type of thing. But two interesting things happen. One of them, I didn't know until the show last night. So in Florida where I now live, a few weeks ago, they passed a 15 week ban on abortion. Now, 50 weeks, that's three and a half months. That's more, even though I have some willingness for a few weeks. That's further than I would go. I would go maybe to 12, okay? Now, I get what I purely get the pro life position on this. I'm not denying that when the sperm meets the egg, it's a life, all of that stuff. Okay, fine. But think about this. Florida, which is thought of as this red, right wing, Ron DeSantis state. They did a three and a half month abortion law, and nobody cared. I don't mean nobody cared in such a good way. And what I mean is they passed it and it was thought of as a compromise, and it wasn't controversial. It wasn't on the front page of The New York Times or Washington Post. It was like, oh, here's a compromise. So that shows you that red states are willing to compromise, because if it was a purely red state position, they'd have no abortion or it would have the most minor exclusions, right? So that's what Florida did. Someone told me this and you can confirm it for me last night. I didn't know this till after the show that Arizona I think did the exact same thing. Very similar. 15 weeks. So think about that. You've got two states, Arizona, I consider a red state. And I think it will get redder. I think you're going to be okay here. We got to fix it. I know you got some things to do, but I think you're going to be okay. But the point is that the red states are showing a willingness to compromise. It's the other side that's not

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