How Derek Khanna Went From the Hill to Bitcoin


We have Derrick kahana. He is the executive director for the Bitcoin policy institute. For those of you out there might be wondering about Bitcoin today is your day. You've made the right podcast to us because we want to get out because you know my first question is for somebody my age 55 so I talked to him about Bitcoin. I want to know, is that what I used to get out of my cracker Jack box? Is that it? Derek, we're glad to have you on the podcast today. Yeah, glad to be here. Really excited to chat about Bitcoin and answer your questions. And get to learn more about what's going on. Well, that is great. Well, I was also a little bit about how you got there, but you have an interesting we have sort of a similar background. You were on the hill for a while, Republican study committee, doing some things with them. Tell us how you went from the hill to Bitcoin. Yeah, absolutely. I was a house staff for a Senate staffer. I managed technology policy for the House Republican study committee when you were one of our members. You're on one of our task forces task forces that I was involved with. So definitely appreciate your support there. And I had some initial conversations on Bitcoin back in 2011 and 2012 with policymakers. And then since then, I've been more involved teaching lawyers with the federalist society and then founding this organization, which excited I'm excited to talk about, but I definitely had a lot of experience with some of the real battles back in the Obama administration and then afterwards.

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