No. 9 Oklahoma State beats No. 5 Notre Dame 37-35 in Fiesta


Oklahoma Oklahoma state state bounce bounce back back from from a a twenty twenty one one point point first first half half deficit deficit to to score score thirty thirty unanswered unanswered points points in in defeat defeat Notre Notre Dame Dame thirty thirty seven seven thirty thirty five five in in the the Fiesta Fiesta Bowl Bowl quarterback quarterback Spencer Spencer Sanders Sanders threw threw for for three three hundred hundred seventy seventy one one yards yards and and four four touchdowns touchdowns three three detain detain Martin Martin he he also also rushed rushed for for one one hundred hundred thirty thirty six six yards yards to to pick pick up up MVP MVP honors honors the the cowboys cowboys are are twelve twelve and and two two quarterback quarterback Jack Jack Coan Coan threw threw for for a a Fiesta Fiesta Bowl Bowl record record five five hundred hundred nine nine yards yards and and five five touchdowns touchdowns but but the the Irish Irish manages manages fifty fifty seven seven yards yards on on the the ground ground and and fall fall to to eleven eleven to to George George Tanner Tanner Glendale Glendale

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