How the Addition of Finland and Sweden Would Change NATO


NATO is about to expand to Finland and Sweden. You were the allied supreme commander of NATO. Are you going like this? Hooray, we got the fans in or are you saying, oh my God, the finished border with Russia expands my theater of operations by 50%. It is two thumbs up. And if I had other thumbs to offer, I would make them. We have got to get the fins in the Swedes in to NATO. That big border is a tactical and strategic advantage for NATO. It allows us to move our bases our troops are jets up into that northern Flank. It gives us real purchase into the Arctic. It is a very significant chunk of real estate. We want it. So geography matters. Number two, these are warfighting nations combined their defense budget is around 15 billion. That's about a fourth of the Russian defense budget. So we're adding real money and resources and then finally hue, the Finns have a big army. They have the largest number of artillery pieces in Europe.

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