Bill O'Reilly: Iran Is Funding a Terrorist Army


And what about Iran Iran's role in so much of this And again that was another reason why these people talk to me because they want Americans to know how evil the Mueller is really are So in every part of the Middle East and in Africa agents from Iran who were under the control of Soleimani before we vaporized him with a missile fired from a drone and we walked you through that minute by minute But in every part of the Middle East and Africa Iran is funding an arming these horrible terrorists who murder and torture behead innocent people And yet there's no reportage because reporters aren't on the scene People don't know what's happening And everything that does happen is put in a class of 5 files So I'll give you a good vivid example There is right this minute campaigns in Africa involving U.S. special forces on the ground Who are fighting with ISIS and Boko Haram And we depict one firefight that's harrowing And a number of Americans were killed but nobody will ever know that unless they read killing The Killers

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