The Media and Their Abortion Myths


Abortion dominated the coverage. I commented last night before I went out to the movie that, you know, if you read the elite media and I do every night show prep. It's so deep blue. It's so pro abortion right. You won't get a sense of it. Republicans on cusp of abortion win seek to change the subject. No, they're not. I'm going to play for you in segment three, John thune on the Senate floor. It's best example, but Joni Ernst on this show, you have to say Nikki Haley. We are all proudly pro life. We want to restrict abortion, but do so via state legislatures and not change a single blue state law. That's the bottom line. We're not trying to change the subject. We're happy to campaign on that subject. And if blue states don't want candidates adopting that subject, you will get Republicans like Pete Wilson running in states like that who have always been pro choice. It reflects the federalism of America. This is abortion pills by mail posed challenge for officials in red state. No, they don't. They can't stop those. The interstate commerce clause. Once close allies, Robertson Alito have taken divergent path. No, they have not. They are still together far more than they are apart, and there's no indication that chief justice had did not assign the opinion to Alito. That's a made up of blue bubble media thing.

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