Supreme Court Abortion Law Leak: What Happened and Why Does It Matter?


The biggest case in front of the Supreme Court is the Dobbs V Jackson women's health organization. This is the abortion case. This is the Mississippi case that outlaws abortion beyond 15 weeks. And of course, the court was sort of faced with sort of three options, a firm roe versus wade. Number two, uphold the Mississippi law, but somehow square it with roe versus wade and the third, knock over roe versus wade and along with that Planned Parenthood versus Casey, essentially return the abortion question to the states. And there was a leak that just came out in the magazine well on the website political. And the league not only says that the court has arrived at an early decision to overturn roe versus wade, but the decision is 5 to four that justice Samuel Alito has drafted the majority opinion, representing the 5 justices, and we know who those 5 justices are, so if I used to say that Roberts decided not to be in the 5, although I'll talk about Roberts a little bit later. A 5 four decision 5 votes to overthrow a row, return the matter to the states. And Alito drafted a lengthy opinion 98 pages. Now this is not the final opinion, but nevertheless, it is a closely reasoned, heavily footnoted detailed argument. And the whole brief was leaked. So the dissenting opinions appear not to have been written yet, and we'll talk a little bit about how that leak might have occurred. But I want to talk about how startling it is that the security around the court, because this kind of information by and large stays with the justices, and with their clerks.

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