Will the 2024 Republican Presidential Field Be Trump vs Everybody?


No, I want to turn to The Washington Post column I have up this morning over at the landing page. Trump hovers, but the numbers of his likely rival grows. I divide would be 2024 people into three bags, ultra maga, maga light, and everybody else. And a few candidates like Ron DeSantis, Tom cotton, Mike Pompeo, Rick Scott, Tim Scott, Ted Cruz. They can do all three of those groups. What do you think about my general categories? Those are people like youngkin and Nikki Haley. And everybody else, Chris Christie, who's coming up next hour and Mike Pence and people like that. Fair enough tax hominy, taxonomy. I think it's a useful text on me. I kind of look at the erasers divided into two candidates or two groups. One is Trump than everybody. Everybody is. Yes, that's true. And so so much rise on what president Trump decides to do in 2024. I think he's leaning toward running at the moment, but that could change. If his president Trump, he likes to change his mind, I am provided. But I think it's important for the other candidates you mentioned here not to be deterred by the prospect of a Trump candidacy. If you really believe that this is your moment, the calling to call has arrived and that you can offer the country a successful presidency, you should run and you should be prepared to run against Donald Trump.

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