Police report 2nd death from tornado in northern Michigan


Two people in their 70s are dead and at least 40 others injured after a tornado ripped through Gaylord Michigan Friday afternoon The tornado left damaged debris and destruction in its wake resident Mike goodrich looks around his property with 15 down trees Thankful his home was spared The wind came up and I headed for the basement And it didn't make it and I looked out the back door and the trees were coming down and it was over The tornado hit the trailer parking Gaylord destroying most of it according to county fire chief Chris Martin who said at a news conference with WXYZ TV they were digging through looking to see if anyone else was killed Trailers picked up and turned over on top of each other The national weather service office there says it's been keeping records since the 50s and a tornado has never touched down in the northern Michigan town The governor has declared a state of emergency for the area I'm Julie Walker

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