What Is the Power of the Donald Trump Endorsement?


Is what is the power of the Donald Trump endorsement. And I'm going to tell you right now, it is still very powerful. I live in Georgia, but I travel all over the country. And that endorsement is still very warm and sought after and valid in a Republican primary in particular. Because there is still the approval ratings of Donald Trump among Republican voters. You see the impact that his endorsements had that he still, again, the media is obsessed with Donald Trump. I mean, he doesn't have to necessarily be on social media for them to take everything that he says and put it on social media. It's almost as if he's there. So as you build through these races, we want to and we've talked about them when we went through here on the show. Talking about how these races could be impacted. Well, now we have some of our first results and I want to take it in a step further. And I'm going to break out from what we talked about a couple of weeks ago here on the show and say, this is what we actually saw playing out. So let's start number one. Hot take in Ohio. JD Vance comes through. JD Vance wins the nomination. He's now going to go up against Tim Ryan for that sentencing. Mike dewine, who is a governor. Many what ensure that president Trump did not endorse in that, but dewan was not in line. It seemed for that endorsement, but dewine won going away in Ohio. And now focused on the Senate seat, you got JD Vance going against Tim Ron. Tim Ron probably if you had to go out and pick the best Democrat candidate in Ohio right now to run this race in this environment with this democratic headwind that they have. Ryan's probably the best one that they could have picked. So it's going to be imperative that the Republicans come together in Ohio around JD Vance and it's been a contested contested heavily contested primary with no one in mandala in advance. But let's talk about this Trump endorsed and I want to break it down for a minute because we've talked about it and how it may play out and it will this endorsement fade and will people be willing to overcome. Well, the answer is a resounding yes in Ohio. The endorsement from former president Trump and Don Junior, along with a lot of money from mister thiel, who put in almost 13 million or more into this race, 3 million just in the last few weeks after with a surrounding the endorsement made the difference it appears in

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