Tough Being A Fan (MM #4062)

The Mason Minute


The NASA minute. With Kevin mason. Being a fan is a funny thing, because it's tough being a fan, depending on how big of a fan you are, does that make sense? The more you are a fan, the more emotional you get with things. Wednesday was a weird day for me. It was the day of the announcement for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for 2022. And the NASCAR Hall of Fame for 2023. And of course, I'm a big fan of both rock and roll and NASCAR. And while, well, you don't look at the people who got in and say, well, I don't want them or they shouldn't get in or maybe you do. You're more upset about the people you wanted to get in that didn't. The Rock hall, I pretty much given up on that as of many people, because it's really just a popularity contest. The band I wanted in most, the band I believe to be in most. Of course, I'm a big fan of. That's Devo, the hometown boys from just outside of Cleveland. And guess what? They didn't get in. I don't even think they got close. Now I got no qualms with pat benatar with even Eminem for that matter. Same thing with NASCAR. Don't mind who got in. Don't mind Matt Kenseth. Don't mind Kirk shelmerdine, but wish Harry Hyde had gotten in. I know it's a silly thing, but it's those things that prove we're a fan.

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