An Unfortunate Tragedy Before Showtime in Dallas


We had a just a tragedy that I couldn't share with you on the air because the family didn't know. All the family members weren't notified apparently. But I was in Dallas for I'm still in Dallas one more day here in Dallas, and then I'm flying back to Florida today. After performing in a musical and it was a great success, we had great response. I had a blast, played suitless, finding the app on the way to the forum. The day we opened, which was Thursday, the morning of our opening, our 31 year old production stage manager, a beautiful young woman named Ashley Ashley Schneider, who we all adored. She was just a pro, just wonderful to deal with. Heck, she texted me Wednesday night. Well, she died Thursday morning unexpectedly. And you talk about something that brings a company of 40 or 50 people who are working on a project closer together in grief and shock, I mean, one minute she's with us and laughing and vibrant vibrant and just full of life and her husband of four months. I know, I know. Horrifying. Her husband of four months finds her unresponsive in bed, the morning of our opening. And you talk about a tough thing to go through for these young people in this production and since I was the lead in the show and kind of the anchor of the whole production, the producers actually reached out to me and told me about it early in the day, but they didn't want to tell the cast. Because they were afraid the cast, first of all, they weren't able to confirm it exactly. It's a whole

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