Joe Manchin Will Oppose Bill That Would Codify Roe v. Wade


Mean, let me add just one other breaking news from today. Joe Manchin was pressed very hard yesterday on whether or not he would support the what they're calling the codification of roe V wade into federal law. It's this accessibility to abortion act or whatever it's called. And he had to call a press conference and come out and say, guys, this is not the codification of roe V wade. This is an expansion of abortion, roe V wade said you had a federal right to abortion. What this law wants to do is wipe out 500 state and local laws nationwide to basically force abortion availability via taxpayer dollars into every corner of the world that it's not currently at. And to your point, it's a zero sum game. If you give them a half an inch, they will take 6000 miles. And that's why we can't, we can't just sit back and say, it's okay for them to simply state their disagreement. No, every time that Jen Psaki has said stuff crazy in recent weeks from the press room, we've got to denounce it. We've got to call attention to it. We've got to say that is not true. We've got to force facts back into the conversation because these people do not have nerve endings that receive the normal receptor messages as to, oh, I shouldn't say that. It's blatantly not true. Well, they are, we're in a new world. And that's why people like Tim Keller and others who they're good people. But what they said 20 years ago, 15 years ago, the reason it no longer applies is because the world has changed and they refuse to see how dramatically things have changed so that they're anodyne platitudes, they no longer hold.

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