Kevin McCullough on the Failure of Democrats' Abortion Legislation


Tell us both triggered Thomas. When I saw. The Senate try to push forward this insane abortion law and fail, I thought this is pure politics. They're doing this because they know they're going to get destroyed in November. So they're trying to come across like we're the only hope we're doing everything we can to save you from the evil Republicans, something like that. Well, what's interesting about the failure of that vote was that it not only didn't meet the cloture standard, which I think they were required to have 60. And this is why Elizabeth Warren was all out of sorts when she was in the hallway with the hill afterwards saying, oh, it's time to do away with the filibuster. It didn't even get a majority of votes. So it failed 49 51, you had a couple of Democrats that sided with Republicans that swayed the difference there. And at the end of the day, we are still not a country that is eager to. We don't worship moloch here. We don't eat our children. This is not and it feels somewhat surreal saying that, Eric, but when you look at the insanity that the left has gone after our kids with, they hate children from the pre born stage to the infant formula shortage that is cropping up all over the place now where the USDA actually controls about 60% of the production of formula and it had this been the Trump administration and he had taken the same blueprint that he did with vaccines and said, let's go get a private public partnership and get formula made and get it out to the shelves so that babies are okay. They could have done that in there's a couple of factories in Michigan right now that are sitting still that have been lifeless since mid last year.

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