Tracy Robinson Shares Her Journey on the Matter of Abortion


It's hard to overstate how monumental this is, how magnificent how important this is. Talk about that for a minute because your journey, talk about your journey with regard to this subject of abortion. You've been in the film business for some time. Yeah, it was just really surreal. Jason Jones, my friend Jason Jones posted a photo of the Supreme Court yesterday and there was a big rainbow over the Supreme Court. And it just blew my mind. It was just another you don't mean a cheesy mylar rainbow or a plastic. You mean a genuine, it was a genuine rainbow. It was a real thing. We love Jason Jones. And he's on top of this stuff. So this is true. There was a rainbow yesterday. Check it out on his Facebook. It's a true story. Well, so my journey began back in 2016, I am I was always in video and film production and primarily as a documentary video editor. That's really my specialty. That's been my career. And back at that time, I had been commissioned on and off to do testimonial videos and promotional videos for a pro life pregnancy resource center. And I had never heard of a pregnancy center before then before being commissioned by them. And I started to see the wonderful things they were doing to help women and help them in their time of crisis. Pregnancies and I met just some amazing people that had abortions in their past, but now they were healed and now helping women helping other people heal from their abortions. So I just thought, wow, this is a really loving center. There's a lot of good stories coming out of this. But I was essentially in the mushy middle when it came to abortion. Even as an evangelical Christian, I thought it wasn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things. I was apathetic at best. And I think if I were to be honest, I would say I was a pro choice Christian. I would probably say, I'm personally pro life, but who am I to take away that choice for

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