Weekend Mass Shootings Dominate News Coverage


Killer in laguna Woods, you may not know about. Yesterday afternoon, a 60 year old Asian man, that's the only description I have from the Los Angeles Times, stood up in a luncheon honoring a former pastor at a Taiwanese Christian church in laguna Woods, which is not far from my old home in Orange County. They were welcoming back for a luncheon, Jerry Chen, excuse me, I want to get that Jerry Chandler's the fellow gave the quote the former pastor's name is here somewhere I can't find it, but Tom Kramer, who is the head of the presbytery of Los ranchos. Again, I used to be a member of this Presbyterian. Kramer did not know if the pastor was harmed in the shooting, a pastor clobbered the gunman as he tried to reload with a chair and a bunch of the so called older victims. They were all in their 60s. Those not shot tackle them in hog tied in, but it's a 60 year old Asian man is the killer there. In Harris county, Texas, the more traditional weekend shooting, two young men shooting at each other, wounding three and killing two at a Harris county flea market. At 1 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. So guns are everywhere, The Wall Street Journal, however, wrote about the particular evil of the buffalo shooting. There is a culture of white supremacy in the United States and people need to understand not large, but it definitely evil and it's dangerous because it attracts the unbalance like this 18 year old this was pure evil said Erie county sheriff Garcia in an app summary of the mass murder at a cyber market in Buffalo writes The Wall Street Journal. That appears to be racially motivated. The alleged shooter 18 year old Peyton gendron, the last time you'll hear his name on my show, is another young man possessed by inexplicable hatred.

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