No Baby Formula Onboard; Can Congress Fix Shortage?


There is nothing that the Democrats can do to ease the infant formula other than get the FD up to the J&J plant and open it up. And the J&J, I think it's J&J, say they're ready to go, but the FDA hasn't signed off on it. Yeah, this is going to be when this first started hitting becoming public. This huge shortage in baby formula. I said some our colleagues. I'm not sure what Congress can do besides bring attention to the situation, which obviously they are doing. But I think Nancy Pelosi was asked if the president should invoke the defense production act and she said that there would have to be changes to the law here. To allow that to happen. So I mean, listen, this is a I've been toying around with this idea in my head for the last couple of days. If you just think about how much is going south, Democrats at the moment, and some of these things are out of their control. I mean, this is a bureaucracy that has shut down a lot of the production of baby formula. Legislators, but I mean, it's just between this between the markets between interest rates, inflation, everything is just lining up very politically. What year were you born, Josh? What year were you born? 85. All right, 1978. You have no memory of 1978. I do. It's what I entered the workforce. And it's a replay only Jimmy Carter was on top of his disasters. I mean, he was actually, he recognized the disaster to the left in a disaster to the right.

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