VP Kamala Harris Ignores Question About Chemical Warfare With Russia


Why are we not giving him the helicopters Why are we not giving him the airplane needed to protect and defend their country I know there's corruption but there's corruption in almost every nation that used to be a part of Russia Does that mean that we let them all fall and go back in the hands of Vladimir Putin Is that what we're going to do now And if you think Putin's going to stop you're stupid and naive Vladimir Putin they're now talking about their concern about chemical warfare And what happens if that happens right Well it was a question that was asked Of our prestigious vice president the leader of the you know the number two in command and she's supposed to be fixing all these problems over in Warsaw when she didn't even know where she is She was asked about that And here's what it sounded like listen I'll write a line for the U.S. 33 Chemical weapons be a red line Over and over again the chance for the question no

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