Newt Gingrich: Donald Trump May End up as the Nominee


Here's Newt Gingrich. Last night, on Fox News channel, really smart one of the smartest men I've ever met. And of course, a veteran of political battles, the Speaker of the House, the author, the architect rather, of the contract with America, let's listen to what newt said last night on Sean Hannity show. Look, I think we have a lot of great candidates. I personally think Ron DeSantis has a tremendous future as an example, or somebody like Rick Scott, a number of governors around the country. But the truth is, if Trump retains his hold on the base of the Republican Party that he currently has and particularly if he starts shifting towards describing a better future, I think that he will consolidate and almost certainly end up as the nominee. Tonight's a very big night in terms of 2024, as well as in terms of 2022. And it fits what we're saying. The fact is, inflation matters, collapse at the border matters, crime matters, high prices for gasoline and food matters. And in the middle of all this, the corruption of the Biden family matters and I think the Democrats are going to discover that the January 6th committee doesn't matter to most Americans, and they're going to discover that a hard line pro abortion extremism doesn't appeal to most Americans. And in fact, will accelerate their loss of African American and Latino voters who are culturally conservative.

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