Phelim McAleer's Film Set Was 'Infiltrated' by Hunter Biden's Lawyer


So what you're talking about took place in November, you're filming this film and somebody comes claiming to want to make a documentary. About Hunter Biden. And his name was Kevin Morris. He's an Uber Hollywood lawyer. They flew in on a private chat. He's part of the South Park team that the cartoon adult cartoon. The book of Mormon, they do that. They've just signed a $900 million streaming deal. He said they were going to expand their content in their own making documentaries. And they wanted to come on Saturn film a certain interviews with me and the interviews with the actors, which they did and we give them unprecedented access, fast forward to promote the film, of course. The film. I mean, by the way, I'm pretty open, anyway. Fast forward, I opened the newspaper as they say, the other morning. And it turns out Kevin Morris is not a retired lawyer. He's a very active lawyer. He's representing Hunter Biden. His job is to craft legal and media strategies for Hunter Biden. Part of that job and part of the thing he wants to do is discredit people who are spreading smears about Hunter Biden, discredit. I think he means spreading the truth. Exactly. He wants. Yeah, he wants to, he wants to make the truth sound like mere smears. And so he literally flew across the Atlantic Ocean to Serbia in a private jet on whose dime I don't know. Good question. In order to get this information from you, misrepresenting who he was. Totally. And you know, that's an ethical breach for a lawyer with harder doubt, not saying. Even for a lawyer, and we know they're not averse to ethical breaches. But in this case, a clear ethical reason. It was someone infiltrated the set of miser hunter under false pretenses. Now, partly, maybe he is making a documentary, but he's also representing his firm admitted to CBS News that he is representing Hunter Biden and he is crafting a legal and media strategy for Hunter

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