Hunter Biden's 'Laptop From Hell' With Miranda Devine


With us right now is a phenomenal patriot, she's super smart and is shaking the matrix. There's a lot happening. I think it's because of her reporting and because of her book that we're starting to see some rumblings from our federal law enforcement agencies. In the direction of Hunter Biden with us is Miranda divine author of the plainly titled but accurately titled book the laptop from hell, Miranda, welcome back to the Charlie Kirk show. Thanks so much. Charlie, great to be with you. So tell us the book is out I've heard some amazing things about it and so tell us what the reaction has been. Well, look, it's been a bestseller, sold a lot of copies to people on our side of the fence, but really there was this wall between conservatives and people who are, you know, perhaps Trump voters who didn't vote for Joe Biden. And the people who read The New York Times and watched CNN and MSNBC and just were kept in the dark by their favored organs before the election. And until 17 months later, last week, The New York Times broke that wall, just a little, just a little chink by admitting that yes, the laptop from hell, Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop is real and they had authenticated emails on it. I mean, we did that 17 months ago, you know, basically the New York Post that was your previous guest, Emma Joe Morris, my friend, my colleague, she did a brilliant job of doing the due diligence that was necessary. And we also had Charlie Bobbie linsky, who you didn't need the laptop. You could just talk to Tony bubble linsky who was a very is a very credible businessman who got caught up in the Hunter Biden mess and a patriot, a naval veteran. He offered himself to the media and gave a press conference before the election after the New York Post story first came out. And no one was interested. They just dismissed him. They ignored him. We didn't. We published the material that he gave us, which was, you know, it corroborated what was on the laptop and it augmented it. And then there was the chuck grassley and Ron Johnson inquiry, which already about a month before we published that stories had already started laying down the paper trail, the documents that showed all this millions of dollars ended up being tens of millions of dollars coming out of Chinese and Russian and Ukrainian shady coffers into the bank accounts in America of Joe Biden's family members and their business

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