U.S. Senate Passes $1.5 Trillion Gov't Funding Bill With Ukraine Aid


So I want to get into a story here that broke late last night. The United States Senate has approved the $1.5 trillion spending bill that expands the power of the IRS and dramatically increases the size and scope of government last evening, but also it sends $13.6 billion to Ukraine. We're going to get into that. Now Senate Republicans voted for this 18 of them voted for it. Senator barrasso from Wyoming, Roy blunt from Missouri. Shelley Moore capito from West Virginia, Susan Collins from Maine, John cornyn from Texas, Joni Ernst from Iowa, Lindsey Graham from South Carolina, chuck grassley from Iowa. Kathy Hyde Smith from Mississippi, Mitch McConnell from Kentucky. Senator Moran from Kansas, Lisa Murkowski from Alaska, rob Portman from Ohio, senator Shelby from Alabama, John thune from South Dakota, Tommy tuberville from Alabama, a senator wicker from Mississippi and senator young from Indiana. Approved Nancy Pelosi's $1.5 trillion omnibus bill. What good are Republicans when we have Republicans doing the work of Democrats? So I want to focus on one part of this, which of course is us spending $13.6 billion to Ukraine. Now, I'm not going to get into whether or not we should send the money. I've already made my position clear on that. I'm going to ask a couple of questions about this. How about leaders thought this through? What does success look like with this sort of funding appropriation? What is an acceptable result? So a rational way of going about spending money, any person that we have here at NRB would ask the question before you spend $13.6 billion before you embark on a mission, you just have to say if it's the right or wrong thing to do, but also weigh the reality of pulling off that task. And the track record associated with the entity or the organization proposing it. So I have a question for all of our listeners that support sending money to Ukraine. Do you have trust in the CIA? Does mark milley and Lloyd Austin give you confidence? Because that's who we just funded. Does giving foreign aid to other countries give you confidence or does it give you skepticism? So just to be clear, these Republicans and a lot of people that are pushing for sending a to Ukraine. And it might be the right choice, by the way. I have said I don't believe it is. I could be corrected, but it's already

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