Johnnie Moore on the Looming, Disastrous Iranian Nuclear Deal 2.0


Johnny, thank you for joining us. So you're kind of an expert on international religious freedom. And you also have been following what's happening in Vienna right now with the Iran deal where the Russians are kind of like the intermediaries. Is that right? Yeah, I don't think Americans really realize what's going on in Vienna. I mean, stop to think that while all of this is happening in Ukraine, the deputy foreign minister of Russia has been negotiating what they say is going back into the run deal. It's actually a whole different deal altogether. But it's not even a negotiation, Charlie. The Americans haven't even met with Iranians. They meet with the Russians, the Russians go talk to the Chinese and the Iranians. They go back to the Americas. They tell the Americans back and forth. It's a gigantic charade. It's a disaster, people don't really realize how catastrophic this is. So the first Iran deal was really bad. They said it, the way that the Obama regime spend it spun it, whatever. Was that they were saying that this prevented Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, but we know that wasn't true. Trump canceled it. What is this deal? Yeah, and what the Biden administration said, because by the way, the deal wouldn't have even gotten a vote in the Democrat controlled Congress. It was so unpopular. So in order to get this moving, President Biden said, well, look, we'll go into the old deal and then we'll have a longer, stronger deal. Congress Democrat control Congress didn't even believe the president. So in the last year, they passed a bill that requires that the negotiating teams submit what they're talking about to Congress. Biden's ignoring all of it. The White House is ignoring all those whatever they want. Yeah, and what we understand about this deal is that it relieves they've been relieving a lot of sanctions on Iran, but they basically really the rest of them. They take sanctions off of all these terrorists, including the people responsible for the bombing and the Jewish community, 30 years ago in Argentina. They actually may even take the revolutionary guard off the terrorist list. The IRG, right? That was led by Soleimani. And so what will happen? If this deal passes, we're going to see more terrorism from Iran. We will see Iran kidnap more Americans. We're going to see the Middle East at the first moment where we actually have peace in a generation inflamed again with Iranian

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