Why David Purdue Felt Compelled to Run for Governor or Georgia


Now he wants to be the governor of Georgia and would like to have him on America first today. Senator David perdue. Welcome to the Salem network. Thank you, Sebastian. Straight to be on America first, man. Thank you. All right, so I just retweeted the tweet that's at the top of your Twitter account. It's a great campaign ad. Tell us right now how the campaign is doing and why serving in the Senate wasn't enough for you. Well, I was never a politician, Sebastian. I was like Donald Trump. I was a business guy for 40 years, but I saw under Barack Obama, the country was handing the wrong direction. And I ran for the Senate to try to help change the direction when Trump got elected. We were able to do just that, created the best economic turnaround in U.S. history. Now, the only reason I got in this go to race Sebastian is because our current governor, cave dean allowed the radical Democrats to steal these elections in Georgia and we lost a majority in the United States Senate and we see the Biden madness now. So I couldn't stand by and watch this guy who can not reunite the party after he is divided the party and win against Stacey Abrams. So I'm running right now to save our state and to make sure Stacey Abrams is never governor of

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