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Morning I'm more glueless And I'm John air in the top local stories we're following this hour the move to cashless tolling in Maryland ended up costing a lot of drivers in late fees a bill just signed into law is meant to help that Maryland Senate Bill 59 freeze drivers of civil penalties for outstanding video tolls The bill was enacted in response to a series of glitches as Maryland's transportation authority shifted to cashless tolling and then gave drivers a grace period for payments during the pandemic But when the billing resumed drivers complained of getting hit with hundreds even thousands of dollars in fines now drivers have until November 30th to pay their bills without having to shoulder the added civil penalties Kate Ryan WTO P news A man is killed in a crash on the Baltimore Washington Parkway it happened last night in the southbound lanes just before ten 30 in the area of route one 97 A park police spokesperson tells us two cars were involved and one band was pronounced dead at the scene The crash caused overnight road closures for a number of hours Police are still investigating and need more details Park police wants anyone with information to reach out as they continue

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