Ryan Helfenbein: The Role of Standing for Freedom Center at Liberty


So what do you see it as what do you see the role of the freedom center at liberty being? In the main thing, I mean, we are in many ways Eric. It's almost like the canary in the coal mine where you see what's happening in the culture and within institutions within evangelicalism. Oftentimes, people are looking for signs of courage, holding the line. What's a demarcation that you guys are really standing for truth? And we point to the freedom center as an example of that. We really, really are trying to press into the issues. One of the things that we have to recognize is that this generation Gen Z that is one of the hardest generations to reach for the gospel. We have to hold the lines for freedom in this culture when you think of life. When you think of liberty and truth and all these things that made America great, it goes back to spiritual principles. You go to Liberty University, for example, there in the welcome center. First Corinthians ten 31 is right there in the rotunda. God is spirit and where the spirit of the lord is there is freedom. There is liberty. We understand that this is a spiritual principle first. It is a pre political thing. And downstream for that from that is culture, downstream from the gospel as culture downstream from that is also politics. So the freedom center really does exist to sort of hold the line there in many ways. And I think both institutionally and also on the outside as well. In addition to you being one of our fellows, of course, we've got Mike Pompeo. We've got Mike Huckabee. We have Abby Johnson. We have several others as well that are a part of the

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