Chris Farrell and Sebastian Discuss the Deep State


Now there's a double whammy here because in the beginning, it would be big enough challenge for legacy national security architectures like the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, to suddenly switch targets and say, okay, it's not the Soviet Union, but we have to deal with cultural marxists who are American in America trying to undermine America. That would be hard enough because that's like trying to get a, you know, an ocean liner to become a catamaran. But then there's the double difficulty when these institutions are captured by those self same neo Marxist next gen leftists, clearly, or at least when people like Mark milley or Christopher at the FBI parrot, the verbiage for people. Correct. And this is going to sound almost too personal, but I mean, so I'm going to say it anyway. There are two stupid to know the difference. They are so intellectually unpack that. That's really important. That's really important. And you have to know enough to be able to ask the question. And so when you choke down wholesale, the garbage put out by the 1619 Project. That white rage in America is founded on racism. And so the starting point is, yes, that's the starting point. Matt, well, what are you talking about? What does the foundation for what you're let me unwind your argument and really prove or disprove? And when you have Howard zinn of all people and his history book is probably the de facto go to history book in three quarters of the country's high school. The people's history, the Marxist lensed people's history of America. So that's your starting point. And you've brainwashed these people into believing, oh, I'll give you another great example. This is very superficial, but it's impactful. Since when are Republicans read that a vest is a bugbear for me. So let's unpack that. If you go back to Reagan's landslide victory and you look at all the news reporting, you show that they show the entire country blue, except for Wisconsin. I think it's Wisconsin. Yeah. Which is red because mondale wins his home state. But the red is always the color of the left. Every country of the globe.

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