Abortion Advocates Riot Outside Old St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC


I hope you can watch the show at Salem news channel, our new platform, as well as listen on this great radio station to the Mike Gallagher show because once in a while, just describing it isn't quite enough. Sometimes you have to see this with your own eyes. Now I'm gonna warn you, it will burn your eyes. You'll never be able to unsee this, but this was the scene outside Saint Patrick's cathedral over the weekend. He's got a baby wrapped up in like pink blankets. She is hanging out all over the place and so that we that hold her topic and cover much up. This is like a pop right out. And she's got a baby, a baby doll. But she's ripping apart. And she's doing this in front of a group of young men and women who are praying. For the lives of the unborn. Now she's pulling the babies out from between her legs. Jumping up in there and now she's shoving her out, turn it off. Turn it off, my eyes are bleeding. Can't take any more. The police finally came and ushered her away. Back to wherever she came from. Back to whatever rock she came from out from under.

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