Liberals, You Know You Burned the Country Down


Now to the liberals out there you voted for this This is what you wanted This is what you wanted The destruction of our country and lifetime This is what you wanted Now you thought you could vote for these fairytales like the Green New Deal and all this stuff and virtue saying I have to clean out of here Now all of a sudden what you thought would happen in the future the destruction of the energy market and the food supply as we put corn in our gas tanks and other things is Biden tries to bump the ethanol mandate So feedstocks are more expensive fertilize fertilizer food Fertilizer is so much it's more expensive I'm combining words Fertilizers more expensive You thought that destruction would just happen to your kids libs and you don't really care Let's be honest You don't care what happens to the next generation you don't You did you'd vote for sane people but you vote for lunatics with severe cognitive problems That's what you do But you never expected the destruction to kick you in the nuts And now it is you're like oh my gosh that hurt cup check time And now you don't know what to do Because you quietly know even the radical moon bats because you shop in the same grocery stores and gas stations we do that you did this to yourself You know it you know You don't want to admit it because you're too proud but you know you did You know you burned the country down Come on let's just be honest Just stop the ball It's not the bulls stuff Please I have no time for it

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