Whistleblower: FBI Used Anti-Terror Tools to Target Parents


So incredibly again it wasn't the only FBI scandal to break There is another scandal I was sitting there last night winding down the end of the day putting a show together for tomorrow And I like to watch Jesse on Fox you know he's a friend the good guy So he shows kind of funny sometimes You know he's had some kind of oddball segment Which I enjoyed Stuff you don't see in other shows right And I'm watching Jesse and he has a very serious guy on Jim Jordan and Jim Jordan said they announced that he's going to be there's going to be some whistleblower report So I'm looking at my phone putting some of them I bounce up right away Turns out another FBI whistleblower and thank you to these heroes at the FBI who take your oath and the constitution seriously I have the greatest of admiration for you I mean that Another whistleblower came forward To indicate now that the FBI did in fact target parents be a terrorism tools according to Fox News stories in my newsletter today Despite Merrick Garland's testimony that this didn't happen

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