Baby Formula Shortage Adds to Biden’s Growing Stockpile of Problems


You know, it's terrifying prospect to think that you might not be able to get formula for your child. Now, this again seems like an instance where the administration has been caught flat footed. They don't ever seem to be out in front of an issue. What are we hearing from The White House response on this? Yeah, the Biden administration's response to this has been really lackluster. They actually didn't even really talk about it publicly until a few days ago when press secretary Jen Psaki was asked about this during a press briefing. And she basically pushed the issue on to the FDA, which is understandable. It's under their purview, but also as The White House, when you're trying to lead a country and you have people who are worried about where their baby is going to get their next meal, you have to have an answer for that when somebody asks you about it. And so they haven't really indicated that they're going to be making any major policy changes to address this. Some people have suggested that the Biden administration should add baby formulas to the national emergency stockpile, but that's a longer term solution. People need baby formula now. And so people really want to know what is the Biden administration doing to work with domestic manufacturers to make sure that they are producing at the highest levels possible. When is the FDA going to allow this Abbott plan to reopen? They haven't even given them a date of when that's possible. So this is an issue where once again, they are really leading from behind and responding to crisis that could have been avoided if they had been aware of them much earlier and working to mitigate this problem.

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