New Year's Eve muted by omicron; many hoping for better 2022


It's it's twenty twenty twenty twenty two two somewhere somewhere a a lot lot of of people people are are glad glad to to see see twenty twenty twenty twenty one one go go but but in in many many places places around around the the world world new new year's year's eve eve celebrations celebrations were were toned toned down down or or canceled canceled because because of of the the surging surging corona corona virus virus one one of of the the first first places places to to ring ring in in the the new new year year New New Zealand Zealand with with a a low low key key lights lights display display highlighting highlighting Auckland's Auckland's landmarks landmarks Australia Australia Lititz Lititz traditional traditional spectacular spectacular new new year's year's eve eve fireworks fireworks display display over over Sydney Sydney despite despite an an explosion explosion and and covet covet cases cases there there were were no no plans plans for for a a big big festivities festivities in in Beijing Beijing because because of of cove cove it it and and in in the the Philippines Philippines where where a a typhoon typhoon blew blew away away a a young young mothers mothers wooden wooden shack shack last last month month she she was was ask ask what what she she wants wants for for the the new new year year and and said said simply simply I I hope hope we we won't won't get get sick sick I'm I'm ready ready to to fall fall away away

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