Sean Feucht and Eric Discuss the Dangers of Being 'Neutral'


This weekend, I'm going to be in your state speaking in Mike McClure's church in San Jose. He has been a hero with a handful of California pastors and I want to be around those people. I don't want to be around somebody who is concerned with it. I want to be cool and relevant and I think you're right that we've run out of there's no neutral at this point. If people are putting things out as satanic as what Disney is putting out as satanic as what the California legislature is putting out, I don't understand how anybody thinks it's okay to say, well, I'm not going to I'm not going to take a position on that. Okay, how about burning Jews? How about the Holocaust? Are you willing to take a position on that? What are you willing to take a position on? Do you have any values? Anything? Yeah. And the hard part, like my heart behind the letter Eric is that the boldest, most courageous fighters that we see right now are politicians. And it's never good when the church follows politicians. This is the problem. Like desantis shouldn't be the one raging the hardest against Disney. It should be spiritual leaders. It should be fathers and mothers across America that have platforms that rise up. Like, but we're abdicating our authority as the church to politicians and it never works out good. So that's why I'm saying this is the hour for leaders across the body of Christ to rise up.

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