Inflation Under Joe Biden vs. Ronald Reagan


So I thought to myself and I like to do this on my Fox show this weekend too that wouldn't it be really great Wouldn't it be terrific to just go back and take a look at history The last time we had an inflationary economic crisis what did Ronald Reagan do Because I have the numbers showing that Reagan turned it around quickly So I pulled up this article because Biden's blaming everyone Again he wants to hike taxes here This is an article from Chris Talbot It's from the hill It's from last year May of 2021 I say it's from last year because Jen Psaki just said Jim then we play it in the last hour Jen Psaki said nobody warned them about this inflation thing Nobody would have A bunch of dopes and people believe it Nobody warned you Here's may 13th What's today's date May 10th So this was almost exactly a year ago minus three days That a guy by the name of Chris talgo who I don't know but it's a very good piece wrote a piece in the hill anyone could have seen He said Biden should take a page out of Reagan's inflation killing playbook So when Ronald Reagan got into the Oval Office in 1980 he notes he inherited an economy struggling with runaway inflation In January of 1980 inflation was 13.9% So in other words under the Reagan years when he first got into office folks the inflation problem was even worse When Biden got into office inflation was running two to 3% Brandon there managed to make it make an explode to 8 and a half percent So when Reagan got into office inflation was 13.9% By April it increased the 14.8% This is what he inherited from Jimmy Carter Ronald Reagan Far worse almost double what Biden's got now

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