Jeff Bezos in Hot Water Over Amazon's Labor Practices


Let me turn to Jeff Bezos because I would just say that this is once again emblematic emblematic of the hypocrisy that you so often see on the left. Jeff Bezos might, in fact, even be kind of more of a hypocrite than anyone thought. I mean, this is pretty wild. He's out there super liberal, runs in The Washington Post, or owns it, I should say. And he is in hot water now because he's not okay with unions. His company, Amazon, has just been caught firing employees that were responsible for creating a union in one of his biggest shops. Think about that. I mean, it's kind of amazing, right? Amazon gets rid of these guys because, well, one would have to assume they're saying it's job performance, but one would have to question why they got rid of them in a time like this when these were the guys that were responsible. Of course, for the creation of a union in their shop. Company doesn't want a union, and while look, I get it, and I can understand why management maybe doesn't want one, the reality is this. You know what? You can't do that. Jeff Bezos. She can't do that, Amazon. You can't fire people for trying to start a union at your company. And yet, well, we don't know. I suppose this will go to a much higher level, but it doesn't seem good. The employees themselves say they were fired for organizing the shop that resulted in the company's first unionized warehouse in the United States.

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