Sen. Grassley: First Bro Jim Biden in Crosshairs of Hunter Business


In the long piece that The Washington Post put out Sunday or Monday actually I think it was Saturday It doesn't matter Paragraph 5 as I pointed out in my Sunday monologue on Fox they said that there's no evidence that any of this is linked to Joe Biden They lied They lie Joe Biden said he was totally unaware of any of his son's business activities He lied Now he said they say he's confident that his son didn't violate any law which is it But there's more There's a lot more The wonderful New York Post Steven Nelson Chuck grassley says first brother Jim Biden in crosshairs of a hundred business probes Senator grassley and I want to salute senator grassley when his salute senator Johnson do you know they've had no support for Mitch McConnell None None No support from the Republican leaders pathetic In fact McConnell has spent more time trashing Donald Trump Then he has been demanding answers from Joe Biden Because that's the nature of rhino world Whether it's dizzy Lizzy trainee or a head case Adam kinger or the cape May orca Chris Christie Or the CEO and chairman of the Washington compost

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