DNC Chair Jaime Harrison: Not Playing Fair Is a Good Road Map


Because we're so awful, our side is so awful that we're not going to play fair and you got to hear the chairman of the Democrat National Committee agree with him. Let's talk about the fascists on the other side. So I hear that, but I do think there are a lot of people, because we were just talking about you and I, we consume 8 papers in the morning. We look at the minutiae of politics. And most Americans are not doing that. And there are still a lot of people who feel disconnected from the party or maybe even disappointed in the party fair or not. I want you to take a listen, we have Roland Martin on. At the beginning of the show. Brother ro ro is never shy about giving his opinion. So he had a lot to say about what he thinks Democrats should be doing. I want you to take a listen and get your thoughts. Sounds good. You've got to have president Joe Biden stop being scared of senator Joe Manchin and go make the argument in West Virginia and go to the red parts of Mississippi and Alabama and say, this is what we have done and these folks voted against it and this is how we have delivered. They've got to be willing to engage in war. You can not play fair with people who don't play fair. There are no rules. The other side has shown that they will do whatever is necessary in order to win so you've got to say America when they didn't care about you, we did. What are your thoughts? I felt like that was a good road map. Well, it is a good road map and rolling. I want you to know, I'm going to Kentucky and Arkansas. I'm going to be in Mississippi and Alabama. We're going to all across this country. The chairman of the DNC says on national television not playing fair is a good road map.

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