Charlie's Top 5 Reading Recommendations for You


Someone says Charlie, do you have a reading list or all the dystopian writings that Charlie Kirk mentioned the podcast? One is Orwell's 1984, read this already as required in schools in many years ago. Yes, I recommend rereading it. Okay, yes. So there are 5 dystopian authors, all of whom were somewhat contemporaries of one another. You've heard of all of them, probably one you probably haven't heard of. They're all worth just refreshing as Christians, I encourage us to pursue whatever is true. And I think these 5 books will bless you about what really drives the tyrant. What happens when the tyrant meets technology and how technology brings out the worst impulses of our human condition. So the 5 books, of course, the first is George Orwell's 1984. The second is C. S. Lewis screwtape letters. You can read that alongside mere Christianity, which was actually first delivered as radio broadcast during the German blitz in the early 1940s, late 1930s, through the British broadcast corporation. The third is Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, which is a terrific book and addresses a lot of what we're living through when pleasure becomes the ultimate goal of a society. The fourth book is a lesser known one by Winston Churchill and is only novel. It's called savrola. I've actually not read it, but I'm familiar with it. I took a course by doctor Larry arn from hillsdale college on Churchill, and he talked about it. So that's the fourth. And then the 5th is probably the least known of all 5. And in fact, I plan to finish this book. I started it, but I got little distracted during my mini sabbatical coming up in a couple of weeks here. It's called darkness at noon by Arthur koestler, which is a terrific book. And so I've been finished it yet. So those are the 5 books Arthur koestler was a dissident. And producer Connor says I would include the fountainhead in there as neoliberal dystopian.

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