A highlight from Rust and Go Research with Linhai Song


You work on programming language research. Can you give an overview of the kinds of research topics. You're focused on. Okay so basically start on by puget. The ra- map ugity a mile the wiser educated me to do research different techniques to combat different types box when i started to became a faculty depending the research are i hope to continue this research. need to on the some newell angle on new specs. I noticed that you read in the yards prolong Dander the proposal allowed to new language. So the new language the out these under the go to intimidate box from a language liable when our producer the language on the competitor. How the dom to eight minute. The common mistakes. So it's kinda my attention on the drama interest. I won't to see whether or not those anguish journey. All company today solves the problem. Though is equally days idea. motivated to projects all to lands of my research. One i take a look Conversely bach gingko language because goal is designed fall carbon the rummy the author direction as Controversy bugs memory box lost because ross is designed to fall memory safety and the threat to safety so basically all my car ongoing projects as focus off commerce about goal on the combating memory on the controversy box. Trust can you get more detail on. What a language level bug is okay. It's kinda like you know that. The other to support concurrent rummy go provide many unique permit him such as the channel so basically threat custody a message to another thread. Visit different from traditional peru emmy falsely on the c. plus plus days support shannon memory so basically tool stress come visit the same memory location. Budging go go. Also pod to transmit from thrived It david fromm shannon memory asia so basically look programmer. The your cheinal make another mistake under. The georgios confirms box. Those dogs have different phaser from the traditional shannon memory box. They wasn't the person i me out. The roster ross has allowed a unique language phaser voids ample roused allah wearable renewable on the ball on the roster also laptop to automatically manage. Some resources will absorb that derive her thumb nissan. The stood those Undone they misuse those language So that they called candle. You'll need a box need. Ross perot any. Ross perot. well why does this interest you so much in cook. There are several reus. The first reason is this trooper. Language go under arrest on very popular. These days go was used to infant docker and the kuban so basically derek would be hundred songs. Will meetings dot guardian says irony. Dangerous center ran up so that ivanka identity box. You'll tactics to avoid box. I'll to detect about my research about Impact vol rusk. Ross has it became the most beloved language in the last four years of based on stack overflow survey on the mall the mall developer dating from c c plus to rust. I leading that ross is going to be used by allowed to Atownlow by many unmanly does as a Mistake on the proposed these tactics to combat those common mistakes research. how jerry lot impact a real world impact. Let's focus on go. I can you say more about the kinds of currency bugs in go that you're focused on. Okay we basically published a study paper. Louis semple Hundred award goal conquers box on the Box into While his but all came back basically some stress the only intentionally Out cannot make any progress we called on but all came back under the other half is non blocking box is also Finish the By some hall they. Resolves is on these era. For example. A penny exception is tree-guarded dole After this asia we also data some detail study. Lee inspect gerald calls Hose box can be fixed diseases. The first project. The us They summer our team. My team a detection tool basically. You'll studying on that. As as we fokkers go box that had caused by meals on channel on our static analysis basically without need to run the throughout with Action on the way extended a traditional technique called constraints solid. They traditional technique. They cannot Model hall channel works. They got only model home tax. All these horrible way. Extend the existing tactics by moen's channel behavior channel operation may extend this tag. We applied to go language under wiggled. Another paper we just under see what the notice the paper was assassinated by next year. Asp plus on our technique founded Android previous on though in. Bob worry pogo dot go up occasion. Such as doctor koop manati. Utd and the goal compiler. What is involved in modelling. How a channel works through static analysis. So you'll know that tunnel. The tunnel has a sender receiver cinder threat on a receiver. Arthritis one biggest difference between channel under general I think that using channel whilst rather companied fall message from multiple channel for multiple. Surprise if you want to use shadow memory unit. You'll need to your tax from your tax. And i need home is only was threat. Con held is howdy that lock on that tax basically lay. What guy Lock there is another guy to acquires. Knock body. massive Was coming to fall message for multiple serreze. Sometimes ones also has come at the same time. They go scheduler of go wrong home. It will now data mayonnaise. Lay truce want to do the executed to do the execution. So that's it is dragged up so we think they'll do this feature they controversy. All the sky. Duty is mall complex if we Message to do the strategy synchronisation

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